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Why I have to set up my wedding?

A wedding traditionally represents love and commitment, but at the same time it is a party and must also be fun. A floral arrangement represents and improves the atmosphere by creating a theme and a style, giving it colors and fragrance. Think of the importance of the bouquet: the same importance is given to the floral moment.
  Using flowers, fronds, mosses, fruits and branches, our floral designer will succeed, with his installations, in maintaining and enhancing the beauty of nature in its perfection.
Giovanni Brancato and our staff will do everything to make your wedding day unforgettable, because in the most important moment of your life nothing has to be left to chance!

Styles and trends

Travelling all around the world you will always discover novelties and emerging trends. 
We of Atmosphere we are always ready to meet your every need, creating totally customized and unique settings.
Among many different styles, choose according to your tastes and preferences, have fun and let your personality stand out!

Spouses from all over
the world

Today, Sicily is increasingly chosen internationally as the ideal destination to seal an important commitment in one’s life. Mild climate and artistic culture are in fact the perfect combination for a dream location !!

The Ceremony

Whether in the church or outdoors, the wedding ceremony is the most intense moment of the whole wedding. For this reason, the presence of flowers proves to be essential: on the one hand they frame the spouses to symbolize their romantic union; on the other, they allow you to create a joyful atmosphere, putting both the spouses and guests at ease.


Here, the skilful art of floral designers, combined with the beauty of the landscape, will create a magical and surreal atmosphere, in which the dreams and emotions of the spouses will come to life.

The Bouquet

The bridal bouquet has always symbolized prosperity and abundance, in fact in the past brides went to the ceremony holding sprigs of myrtle or rosemary, herbs considered of good omen, to symbolize fertility and fidelity. The bouquet is a real accessory, which must be combined with the dress but also with the figure of the bride. 
It is the element that gives light and harmony to the bride, and its flowers will be in complete accord with the style of the wedding and with other accessories.


The accessories (such as buttons, crowns, wristbands) are details that characterize the style; they exalt the face, some parts of the body and the dress itself. 
Anything that seems superfluous to you can make a big difference to improve the image.
The Boutonnière, called also “the lapel buttonhole” in US or “fiore all’occhiello” here in Italy, is a symbol of elegance: a single flower placed on the left collar of the groom, close to the heart, as the flower Prince Albert took when Queen Victoria gifted him a bouquet.

Atmosphere at the table

The reception is the funniest moment, the convivial area par excellence. 
They cannot therefore miss the centerpieces that bring freshness and joy to all the diners! 
An atmosphere created by flowers, aromas and candles transmits intimacy, romance and puts all the participants at ease.
Originally here the round table was the master, always accompanied by a splendid tablecloth. Now, instead, you can sit at very different tables: both rectangular and imperial tables are used, even without covers.

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